“Friendly and professional staff.”

Friendly and professional staff. They do not rush you, they take their time and care about you. Not just as patient, but as a person. They do not overbook. If your appointment is at 9:00 AM, that is when you go in. The best experience i have had at a dentist! Highly recommend to anyone.

“Been coming for over 20 years”

I have been coming to Dr. Joyce Johnson, Lucille, Dr. Perruzzi and the outstanding team of healthcare professionals at West Ridgewood Dental for over 20 years. Over that entire time, they never cease to amaze me with their excellence in customer service, dental expertise, clean reliable dental offices/equipment and an authentic family oriented experience. My 3 sons, my husband and I all agree that West Ridgewood Dental represents Dental Healthcare Best Practices in Action!

“Made me feel extremely welcome”

This weekend, we were visiting my in-laws from out of town, and I chipped my tooth during breakfast. We Googled “dentist near me now,” and West Ridgewood Dental Associates appeared at the top of the list. We called them up, and they made a spot for me within minutes. Dr. Joshua Austein and his entire team made me feel extremely welcome and professionally cared for in a time of need. His bedside manner was tremendous, and I have already recommended their practice to my entire family that lives here in “the Wood.” I wish this team and their families the very best! Thank you so much.

“Extremely Professional”

Dr. Austein is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. Explains everything he's doing as he's doing it and puts you at ease. He really takes the time to talk through issues with you. Highly recommend

“Nothing but praise for this office!”

Nothing but praise for this office! I was not yet a patient and I called with a problem. They got me right in. Turns out my problem was bigger than I even realized. But, Dr Austein was awesome and explained everything and all of my options. I loved his honesty in suggesting I also see any endodontist. It's really great knowing that they work closely together. Who in their right mind looks forward to hing back to the dentist to get their cavity filled?! This girl right here. I'm looking forward to going back to this office to have my filing finished up. And I look forward to netting a long term patient here. From my very first call, the office was very professional and welcoming. And on top of that, they offer days where they do dental exams for kids who would not otherwise have access to dental exams. I love when people give back to their community. Thank you, West Ridgewood Dental!

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“We love West Ridgewood dental associates!”

We love West Ridgewood dental associates! We went for the first time last week after my son fell and had hit his mouth. From the moment we walked in the door, all of the staff were so kind, friendly, and helpful. My son, who is typically resistant to any dental work, was smiling and laughing and compliant with anything the dentist wanted him to do. We had excellent care from Dr. Josh, and my son was even looking forward to going back for our check up today. Can't recommend this place highly enough! We've found our new dentist!

“Staff is extremely friendly”

Staff is extremely friendly and very helpful! Had not been to the dentist in a while and the completely helped me get back on track with my dental hygiene.

“A thoroughly professional staff”

Having used the services of West Ridgewood Dental for over 20 years, I can affirm that they are THE BEST. A thoroughly professional staff, incredibly knowledgeable, they are also very kind.

“Great Staff and very nice office”

Great staff and very nice office. The hygienist explained what she was doing and seeing as she cleaned my teeth.

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“He took his time and did not rush”

Just took my five year old son to see Dr. Austein. He was great with him! Allowed him to hold the instruments, jokes around, distracted him; everything you want in a dentist! Best if all, he took his time and did not rush which is rare nowadays. I highly recommend Dr. Austein and the practice.

“One of the most caring dentists”

I have been a patient at West Ridgewood Dental for over 3 years. First as an invisalign patient and now as a regular patient with Dr. Josh Austein. He is one of the most caring dentists that I have ever been to. He explains what he is doing to do, how he is going to do the procedure and what you will feel. He takes his time and doesn't seem rushed. I recently had two crown replacements and he called me at home the next day to see how I was doing. Thank you Dr. Austein

“I am now cavity-free and very relieved”

I had to get my first 5 cavities filled as a 19 year old and was TERRIFIED. After two separate appointments with Dr. Austein, I am now cavity-free and very relieved to have had a great experience having my teeth drilled! I had the nitrous gas put to a level to calm me down, and during the treatment, had the funniest conversation with the Doctor and his lovely assistant! We talked about their pets and music, and even our spirit animals, making it an all-around enjoyable time. For anyone with anxiety about having dental work done, I highly recommend Dr. Austein!

“The staff is exceptional!”

I recently switched over to West Ridgewood dental. The staff is exceptional! I had the best cleaning of my life from Hygienist Christina Vozzo. Dr. Austein is wonderful. Thorough, patient, and caring are just a few of his exceptional qualities. He explains everything and checks on you to see if you have any discomfort. He called me as well the next day after a procedure! That never happened in all the years I was at my old dentist. I am totally comfortable and confident in his work! The way he explains what has to be done makes you feel he will get it done correctly and it will be top quality!

“Excellent dentistry, friendly, personal”

I highly recommend this practice; excellent dentistry, friendly, personal, professional efficient customer service. Office is always sparkling.  Ethical, state-of-the-art dental care practiced here!

“It is clean and neat”

It is the best dental place around. We love the service. Dr Johnson and Dr Austein patiently work on your teeth while the staff make you feel like home. It is clean and neat inside. There is no wait, they are always on time. Thank you for the great service.

“Truly great dentist office.”

Truly great dentist office. Not sleazy. Do not try to sell you treatment you do not need. They also keep a hawk eye on your periodontic health which I think is really important. I live in Chicago but still go to them when I am back home visiting.

“They took such great care of me”

I have to begin by admitting that I have a terrible phobia with dental work. I haven't been to any dentist in over 7 years, but I had such a bad toothache that I needed help. A good friend of mine moved to Texas & she only travels back to New Jersey to visit Dr. Perruzzi for his dental work. I figured, "what the heck” if she travels that far for dental work than he must be worth it". They booked my appointmen right away, I probably waited only 3 minutes in the waiting area before they called me in. Wow, that was fast! My palms were sweaty, I was shaking, nervous and scared. The minute I sat in the chair Dr. Perruzzi and the dental assistant (I wish I didn't forget her name because she was awesome!) both made me feel very at ease & comfortable. I honestly thought I was going to die but they took such great care of me, made sure that I was okay throughout the entire procedure & made me laugh with their fun-going personalities. I am so happy I didn't run away again because this place is amazing! Everyone was so kind, empathetic to my fears, and very professional. Definitely making this my "go to" dentist & spreading the word.

“Distinguished and respectable”

As a fellow health care professional, I must say that Dr. Josh is truly a great addition to healthcare and dentistry. A distinguished and respectable doctor, he is always punctual and highly knowledgeable in his field. I have great confidence in his care and his treatments. He has worked on me multiple times and has always done great work! I know that I can refer my patients to him with confidence knowing that he will provide the same level of passion, enthusiasm and work ethic. His office itself and staff are all top notch, very polite and neatly maintained. All great things to say about Dr. Josh!

“Friendly, modern, timely”

Needed to write another review for West Ridgewood Dental, since it's been 4 years since my last one. If you're looking for a dentist and live anywhere near the office, do not hesitate to call and book an appointment. I have no complaints whatsoever about the practice. They are friendly, modern, timely and their work is absolutely the best around. Going to the dentist doesn't have to be so bad after all!

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